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Pig Skin? becomes Pig Skin on shelf

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The "Pig Skin?" items from the Bats shows as the normal Pig Skin item on the bottom right slot on the shelf instead of the bat skin itself (Screenshot). Once you pick that one up it becomes a normal pig skin. (Bat skins that you pick up afterwards stack onto that pig skin as pig skins as well.)

2018-10-17 23_08_21-Don't Starve.png

Steps to Reproduce
Enter your own house, and put a "Pig Skin?" on the bottom right slot on the shelf.

User Feedback

Got that one too. First, I put the "pig skins?" on the shelf and one of it becomes real pig skins. So i picked it up but at first, it came back as the "pig skin?" version. I put them back and this time, one of them is the real and the other the bat one, and when i picked them up, both came as real pig skins in my inventory. Happened in any places on the shelf. Oh and the snake skin displayed on the shelf appear as the shipwrecked version, red and black...

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