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Pig guard invisible while inside a shop.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Attacked a shop owner(carrot store). Guard came. Immediatly left the house. Everytime I came back, he was still there(might be intended). Other shops had a hostile pig guard too. Bought a security contract, recruited a guard pig in the city, fought the previous angry guard. He died, when I came back on another store, my guard died and I left.

After sometimes coming back and buying items while avoiding combat, there was 2 hostile guards, and the next time there was 3 hostile guards. After that, the next time I got randomly hit by a attack, presumably a invisible pig. By the frequency of hits, there was more than one. No sound of their attacks or anything, just Wilson noises.

On windows.


Steps to Reproduce
Hit a pig shop owner. Guards will come, leave the house. They will be there. Be back there after a while(happened about 8 days later).

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