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Mantis Helmet doesn't work

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

While wearing a Mantis Helmet (done with chitin and football helmet), noticed that it didn't absorb any damage from attacks and remained in 100% (died because of that too, since it was a vampire bat attack). I don't know if it was made whether to be just a decorative item or not, but since it takes a football helmet, I guessed not (especially since the Mantis armor took damage similarly to a log suit but with more durability).

Steps to Reproduce
Make a mantis helmet, wear it, get attacked by any non-Charlie entity. Full damage taken by Wilson, helmet still at 100% with no damage absorbed.
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User Feedback

I didnt check it out, but it would make sense to make droids passive to the player, just like incognito mask makes pigs think of you differently. Probably wont work against droid warriors though.

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