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lightening strike, teleported, and now can’t use my house

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I’m playing WX, it’s fog season, I exit my house, get smoked by lightening, proceed to be teleported to another island (???, I mean that’s one way to do it, so that’s cool I guess?), but then I had to sort of cheat teleport my way off the island so I could explore it when ready anyway, my house is now back to a shack, locked, and I can’t get in nor am I unable to buy a new deed to it. Tried to just cheat one in, didn’t work, so not sure what to do now so there’s that bug to work out now lol

Steps to Reproduce
Be on house, get struck by lightening, teleport unintentionally to island #2, and then find your way back only to have no house

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