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Iron hulk hops through briars unhindered

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The iron hulk can just hop straight through briars as if they aren't there. Other mobs are stopped by them, so I think this may be unintended.


Steps to Reproduce
find/activate moving iron hulk during lush season, watch it move freely among briars

User Feedback

I think this *might* be intentional. It is hopping after all. However, if the walking one where to phase through it, then maybe it is a bug.

Check with bats (Flying mobs) and the Iron Hulk's ribs or arms. See if those go through. If the bats do the hopping foot may be intentional. If the other Hulk pieces do, it might be a bug.

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Bats get stuck on the briars from what I've seen. I think perhaps the iron hulks going through the briars is a bug. Or maybe they're supposed to be special somehow. It's hard to tell in the screenshot, but the bat at the bottom with its face in the briars is trying to fly through them, and can't.


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