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Inside of purchased house doesn't load graphically.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I posted this as a reply to someone else with a similar problem in the Suggestions forum, but realized it was probably better to be posted here instead.

Entering my house in the village no longer loads any graphics beyond the UI.

I had saved outside in the village proper, then when I loaded my save later, when I enter my house, the UI is visible, but everything else is all black. The only thing I can do is hold space bar to exit the house. Exiting and reentering does not fix it. The outside looks fine, just inside the house is black. Exiting and reloading the game doesn't fix it either.

Entering a pig shop still displays fine, it's just my house. I had bought the house in an earlier play session and logged out of the game to do other things. I left my deed, a stack of oincs, some clippings, and a pair of clippers on the floor or on the display shelf. I did not buy any of the cosmetic upgrades, nor place any other structures. Is there any other data that might help? 

I would upload my save file, but My Docs/Klei/DoNotStarve/save is empty (except for another empty folder named mod_config_data).

Screen Shot 10-16-18 at 05.55 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 10-16-18 at 05.55 PM 001.PNG

Steps to Reproduce
Purchase the deed to the house, play game as normal, including entering the house a few times w/o issue. Save outside the house and log out of game. Log back into game and attempt to enter the house.

User Feedback

Hi @Squats

Thanks for the report!

If you still have this save could you please upload your savefile, preferably saved at the point where you stand in front of the house (so I won't have to try finding it).

It will most likely help fix it, as I have been unable to make this happen.

For info on where to find you savefile, please see here. 


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Okay, I believe "porkland_1_dlc_porkland.file" is the correct save file. It should be Wolfgang right next to the purchased house. 

(Also included in the zip is another file in the same folder named "survival_2_dlc_porkland.file", which I assume is the RoG Wilson save I also started in the beta client. I think I started and played it in between saving in the Hamlet Wolfgang with a working house and then loading Hamlet Wolfgang with the black screen.)


edit: After seeing @gary9996 report the same bug and mention the rain in his save, I'd like to note it was also raining in my game when the bug started too. It should still be raining in the uploaded save.

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More info.
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