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Inedible and Disappearing Mandrakes

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

While playing a Hamlet-linked RoG world I had three mandrakes in my inventory. When I tried to consume one at low health (via right-clicking the mandrake slot), I was given the default "I can't do that" message by Wilson. When I left-clicked the mandrakes in an attempt to move them over to Wilson, the mandrakes vanished from my inventory without transferring to my "cursor", effectively disappearing into thin air. Wilson's health failed to change, indicating he never consumed them.

Steps to Reproduce
- Launch a Reign of Giants world that is linked to the Hamlet DLC. Play as Wilson [He was wearing grass suit and garland at the time; unsure if relevant] - Have multiple mandrakes stacked in default inventory - Right-click mandrake slot to feed item to Wilson AND/OR - Left-click to remove from inventory

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