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House caught fire, burned up, reappeared undamaged

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The house that I bought, the shanty that I had the deed for, got struck by lightning, or perhaps the tree next to it did. Either way, it caught on fire, completely went up in flames, and was turned into a useless charred framework. I freaked out because all of my stuff was inside and it seemed to be completely gone now, and I went elsewhere in the town for a little bit. But when I walked back toward the burned shanty house again, it had been completely restored, with all of my stuff inside, when I had done nothing intentional to make this happen. If the house is not meant to be able to burn down, probably it should be made non-flammable or something. And if it's supposed to just magically come back after being burned to a crisp, perhaps it should be made clearer that this is some kind of magic at work, because it appeared very glitch-like to me.

Steps to Reproduce
Have lightning strike the shanty house, or something flammable next to it, watch it burn completely, walk until it is offscreen, (possibly into a shop, I don't remember exactly what I did), return to screen with house, and it's back

User Feedback

Oh, it's being fixed offscreen? Seems like that could perhaps be clearer, I thought for sure the game was bugging out. Maybe the construction pig could wait next to your fixed house and announce it when you come back or something. But, in any case, this is good news, means my house and the stuff inside is always safe from fire

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