Hamlet is now Atlantis. Every interior is flooding. Save file included.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

At some point after a save/load all my interiors became flooded as if they were a shipwrecked ocean. Items on the ground can not be picked up, cave ins don't fall, it rains indoors, and attempts at restarting the game have failed.

The save file is taken during a cave in but the save file does not remember it on load.

Something else that is odd is I haven't seen a bat attack in quite awhile. At least 10 days maybe more. I don't remember them being so scarce.

0 mods. Vanilla game play.




Steps to Reproduce
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Happened after a load.
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Somethik similar happend to me after my game crash all interious become out off land (the empty space out of land when you are on surface). I was also getting clouds that idicates this and i could not drop items and if I drop  it would disappeared.

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So it happend again in last patch after I killed ant queen get to surfice I still had nightmare overlay (I wasnt insane ) so I relog and get the cloudy bug again in my house.


here is my log and save file (I dont know with one was save file but I only have one save ...)




Also after I relego in to the game again from this cloudy room is now black room with flooded floor ....

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