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Hamlet Crock Pot foods have multiple issues.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hamlet Crock Pot foods are invisible when made in a Portable Crock Pot, and cannot be hovered over when on ground. 

I tested by cooking new and old crock pot foods in Warly's crock pot and a normal crock pot. Hamlet crock pot dishes appear normally in base crock pots, but are invisible when prepared in Warly's crock pot.

They also can't be hovered over to see their name when placed on the ground, but are still interactable via space bar.

image.thumb.png.c001671387f893f2a7db8def85bdee60.png (That's a Steamed Ham)

Steps to Reproduce
For 1: Cook a Hamlet Crock Pot dish in Warly's Crock Pot. For 2: Drop said Hamlet Crock Pot dish on the ground and hover over it.
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