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Encountered Multiple Errors Following an Interaction in Deli (LUA Error/Client Crash/Missing items)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I've encountered another Lua Error, which resulted in the crash of my client and subsequent loss of progress. This error occurred upon attempting to purchase a helping of fish from the deli clerk, whom was active, during the night hours. I've included a screenshot of the error, so that the root source may be identified. 

Upon reloading the game, in addition to experiencing loss of progress, I also experienced an error where all refrigerated goods in the Deli have vanished. When hovering over the slots where the fish and other frozen goods were originally stored, the text "Pick up MISSING NAME" appeared. 

*EDIT: Interacting with "MISSING NAME" items also result in a Lua error and client crash.

I should note that I have never installed or otherwise implemented any mods. Also, I've included images of the error screen and of the missing items, upon reload, with this report and have condensed these images into collapsible tabs. 

Please look into this. Thank you!

Lua Error



Missing Stock




Steps to Reproduce
Enter the deli at dusk. Wait until night has struck and attempt to purchase a helping of fish from the back fridge. Upon encountering the Lua error and exiting the client, reboot your most recent save file. Note the loss of progress. Re-enter the deli. Note the lack of items in the fridge and the corresponding text that appears when hovering over the vacant slots.

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