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Deli shopkeeper pig disappears after I pick up poop

  • Version: iOS Pending

When I entered the deli, there was a piece of poop on the ground. I picked it up. The shopkeeper pig ran to me to give me an oinc, but as she went to hand it to me, she disappeared.

After she disappeared, I couldn't buy food from the deli.

Tried save/quitting then re-opening the game, but she still wasn't there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.58.49 pm.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Enter deli. 2. Pick up piece of poop. 3. Wait for shopkeeper pig to try and give you an oinc.

User Feedback

I experienced the same problem on PC version after I picked up poop inside the grocery. The pig can be found outside the house and still accepts endless clippings for coins, but it just refuses to get back to work! I tried restarting which didn't work, neither did burning down and rebuilding the grocery store

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