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CRASH report ( photo)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending
I hope he can help you.
I had to start over several times, beyond this problem (see photo), every time I go out or within a house or cave the game starts to rain again even if it has just stopped.
I tried to restart a new game by disabling the rain, but now continues to have this other problem ...
 I am forced to wait for your update.




Steps to Reproduce
I started a new game disabling the rain, because every time I entered a house or cave, it started to rain again. I removed some bushes that were guarded by a pig guard, and I planted them away from the city .. For some reason the thief pig keeps appearing near me. I had decided to move everything another time all close to the house I had bought, when this bug occurred. Maybe bats should have appeared, but the game stops. I had to wait for your update to fix the rain, and fix this crash.

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