When someone scrolls quickly along the craft menu it's slowed down due to the assets continually trying to research for filepaths with the filepath resolver.   This can be fixed by caching the results in the base game's util.lua: RENAME: function softresolvefilepath(filepath) TO: function softresolvefilepath_nocache(filepath) ADD: local cached_paths = {} function softresolvefilepath(filepath) if cached_paths[filepath] then return cached_paths[filepath] end cached_paths[filepath] = softresolvefilepath_nocache(filepath) return cached_paths[filepath] end Doesn't have to be a local cache, could be a global variable for mods to access it or something if desired.   As a global wrapper for the function it will also 'fix' any other filepath resolver issue elsewhere, instead of just the crafting area.
Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending