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Character stuck after hitting bramble

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

[Note that this is a continued file with a "black room" bug]

As Wigfrid, on day 88 or so, I destroyed a bramble near the edge of the map (not touching the boundary) with a halberd and immediately got stuck in the insanity animation. I could not unequip (right click) items but I could move them around to other slots. I could not eat but I could rotate the camera. I Alt+F4'd and things were fine. I did not attempt to hit the same bramble again. Destroying other brambles did not cause this to happen. It may also be important to note that before reloading I had killed the Queen Mant (around day 80) and the sound bug happened, as well as the permanent insanity lines around the screen. Reloading fixed this as well.

Steps to Reproduce
Hit a bramble near the edge of the map with a halberd on the second or third day of second in-world Lush Season.

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