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Cannot go through door in the ruins

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I used the ruins in the jungle to get to the island with the 2nd pig town, but when I tried to go back, I managed to go 4 or so rooms in. I was in a room with some pillars, grass and twigs, but when I tried to go through the door on the left WX-78 said the door is locked. There don't seem to be any traps in the room though and the door appears wide open.image.thumb.png.13710fdd5d2a840b80cbd35148cbc525.png

Steps to Reproduce
Not sure it can be reproduced consistently. I explored the ruins, go to the exit. Then when I went back, I managed to go a few rooms in and met a dead end in the form of a "locked" door that was obviously open.

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