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This happened me in the ruins after changing room. I'm with a torch but the screen is black. Also no charlie warning, so it's not darkness.20181015231034_1.thumb.jpg.8da440f8a0e93b8c089ccd2246aa4072.jpg

The map was strange too, idk if is working as intended.



And a few things more: 

-When i pick up poop with bad smell (with flies) in the Pig Village the sound of the flies keep going near the house even if the poop is not there.

-The mechanism for entering in the ruins placing things in the floor is a bit awkward and the rock usually keeps going up and down even if i don't touch the button in the floor.

-Keep one eye on the pig guards. If i attack them and they are with torchs they usually set theVillage on fire and that's not fun. They should change to their weapon.

Steps to Reproduce
It was just in day one. I explored the biomes near the spawn and I found the Pig Village, then the next day i keep exploring and found an entrance to the ruins. Before I go in I feed a dog? with monster meat. Once inside i pick some grass and enter in a room in the left, then i take some damage because of the darts traps and with the help of the dog i kill two bats. Then i leave and come back in the main entrance and there's the black screen. I hope is useful guys.

User Feedback

I had the same issue except it was on day three and walking into the mayor's house in the hamlet/village. Nothing equipped when I went in, torch equipped in the screenshot and nothing is shown on the map.



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