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Bugs in game

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1. Big fps drops with too much grass in one place and in the jungles.

2. Music does not play at all.

3. The sound is not very good with what we do (for example: cutting grass)

4. Stones are sometimes too close to the water

5. Only 1 tree has seeds

6. From 1 flower many fireflies are created at once

7. Stones and gold are gained very hard

Steps to Reproduce
1. Go on place where grass grow everywhere 2. Just start play on map 3. Cut grass or Tree 4. Sometimes stone resp very near water and look like be on water 5. Cut one tree of each type 6. All time go to near flower then move away from him and once more go to flower 7. Try find any gold or stone

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