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Bugs glitched player out of bounds, reappeared outside walls of house

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

DISCLAIMER: I saw this on Twitch, I didn't witness this in my own game, but the streamer specified that he didn't want to bother reporting the bugs, so I figured I could at least make mention of it here, partially because it's kind of an amusing glitch. He seemed to be playing without any mods. I hope this isn't incorrect for me to post.


The player was in the bug nest/hive and befriending the talking bug drones while wearing the bus disguise armor and helmet and holding the pherostone. He befriended probably six or seven of them, and was going around the hive from room to room. One time when he went through a door, he appeared on the outside of the room, unable to go through the doors. I theorize that the sheer mass of bugs following him sort of forced him through the wall and out into the void. He couldn't escape, so he spawned in a lazy explorer and telepoofed back into the room and went about his business. He found he was no longer able to enter the ant queen's chamber after this.


Then when he got back to his house in the town, many bugs appeared in the out of bounds space on the left side of his house, and he also discovered this same group of bugs also appeared in the same out of bounds place to the left in any other building he went into, like shops and the pig palace. They also seemed to be multiplying over time. Five or six bugs quickly became at least ten or twelve.


The video is here:


The initial glitch occurs at about 3:19:00, then you can see the bugs outside of the walls of small rooms at about 4:32:00

They seem to arrive as if they had to walk some distance to get to him.


Steps to Reproduce
befriend many bugs in the hive, get forced out of bounds, if you manage to escape, the bugs appear out of bounds in other indoor locations
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