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Black screen of Doom entering some areas.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

This has only begun to occur fairly recently, I've been playing the pre-release of the hamlet for quite some time and have noticed some changes that have been made. I saw that prices on items changed and that the locations that the pigs would spawn in was little to close to water in some cases, BUT, what I was not prepared for was that certain buildings that you choose to enter, be it a shop, a bat cave or a ruins entrance, there is a small chance you can be warped to a location not on the map, given a place that is pitch black where you are not going to be attacked by charlie, but can still move slightly however you cannot escape these areas most of the time. I hope that mentioning this has some sort of useful impact. I love the game and dst as well and would love nothing more than to purchase, play and die in the game countless times upon its full release. 

Steps to Reproduce
Boot up your game, start a world, find any kind of entrance to a area or place such as a pig shop, house, bat cave, mant den, ruins entrance, etc. and attempt to enter. it happened most often with shops such as the general store and then the deli and finally a random ruins entrance in the plains, to try and get around it, I used console commands to spawn new ones and place items as markers for the "broken stores" but I couldn't leave the ruins so I closed my game.

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