black screen inside the shops and ruins

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From Google Tradutor ... Sorry if you do not understand me.


When I enter a house or ruin - and this, it seems, began to appear with Wolfgang - the screen becomes all dark. The only way out of them is through the "space" ley, but the view inside them is impossible because the entire screen is dark. The screen stays right out of the game and re-entering. I'll update on what you're discovering. Thanks.









Hamlet crash.rtf


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Jogando normalmente.
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This happened to me, too. The general store loads as only a black screen. Pressing the space key allows me to go back out, but I can't see anything in there or buy anything, though I can hear the shopkeeper running into the corner because of the missing counter glitch in there. The other shops load properly, but the general store is always a useless black screen now.

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