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Black Floor Bug: I Got the logs

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


I'm sending all the Logs and Files asked here: 


I entered the Mant Queen Den, saved the game ('cause I was scared to die T-T), and when I reopened the game, the floor was all black



The pop up of the black screen bug did not showed to me tho.


Hope this help

Bug Dont Starve.rar







More info in comments

Steps to Reproduce
Enter the Mant Queen Den, Saves the game and Quit, open it up again
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Also, more info:

You know how the front of the Mant queen is all dark, right?

When the floor is black, you have no sanity drop in the dark, but Charlie kills you tho (she killed me ): )


That is so Sad, I was happy to give info about the bug, that when I had my right chance to kill the Queen (third time, but this time I learned the walls strategy) I got killed to give you guys this Info.

Hope my efforts are not in vain :'(


(I copied my save files, can I load them?)


Edit: I did it!!!


Edit 2:

So, I left the room and entered it again, and it got worse.


I'm sending the logs again



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