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All the bugs i've found in Hamlet

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Frame lag in certain areas:
water area
whenever there is fog
Rainforests with lots of flytraps
whenever there is a large area with fire
big clusters of tall grass areas
campfires have a small area in witch you are allowed to cook
the game takes a lot of processing power. way more than dst or regular don't starve (shipwrecked takes the least of all)

"It's locked" Needs punctuation.

my first crash occured when i exited the city hall.

the food clerk will randomly run against the wall in a direction, and the desk will disappear.

when playing hamlet with wendy, the icon for her flower shows to be in full bloom, but when she places it down, it's only at its 1st or second tier. 

picking up a light bulb off the cupboard in the slanty shanty causes the game to crash.

cooking leafy meat in the house doesn't have a sound when its cooked.

Steps to Reproduce
These are just general things, i don't think i was doing anything too crazy to cause these things.

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