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I was playing with my friend on the server that I created on my PC, when the server crashed and gave this error, then reconnected the server again and was giving this error all the time, then stopped giving that error and returned to normal, but Then returned with the same problem.

I searched the Forum but found nothing explaining how to solve it and can solve it.


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I researched the internet but did not solve the problem

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I only just started having this issue. Do you happen to have a Friendly Scarecrow built on your server? I'm finding that I am having this issue on the same day that I built that be-damned scarecrow.

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Update: I have double-checked the issue on my system. The server crash occurs only if I have built the Friendly Scarecrow as opposed to just prototyping it. Also, upon observation, I have a theory: since the crash occurs a few seconds (if not potentially immediately, if talking about the server itself) the day transitions to dusk, after having placed the scarecrow earlier, my hypothesis is that the server's time transitions are conflicting somehow with the Friendly Scarecrow's model changing mechanic (even though it is only supposed to occur at dawn). However, I am not certain, as this is the first time I've actually built one.

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