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You can still go into the ocean with many structures including wardrobes and science machines!

  • Known Issue

So when standing at the corner or even side of the ocean, if you stand perfectly you can easily clip into the ocean with many structures at least 5 including alchemy engines, science machines, winter feast tree planters, wardrobes, and many other I have not tested with. This along with lazy explorer breaks many hard tasks walking to things such as the atrium and cheesing bosses by restricting their movement. Here is a short gif of how to do the glitch. https://gyazo.com/8e0c6c45581f7371eff68740993014fb

Steps to Reproduce
Go to a corner of the map, stand in the very middle of the corner lining up with the point of it, place the structure as close as possible to the edge in front of you and hold a direction towards the ocean and you will most likely clip into the ocean if you do it correctly

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