Xbox controller will not apply

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I'm trying to change the game settings to use an Xbox controller but when I press apply it won't go. I've tried using 3 remotes and nothing is happening.

Steps to Reproduce
Plugged in remote and pressed start for nothing to happen. Everything else works though.

User Feedback

Sorry I'm not. I'm Noel, or Komoroshi, but uh yeah. It actually seems like all the buttons are jumbled up. To press start I have to press down the right stick. Instead of left trigger for crafting it's to move the right stick to the right. Very odd, I haven't changed any keys.

OH I READ THAT AS, ARE YOU CATALINA AHAA. But I haven't updated my osx

I'm still on Mojave

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Everything is all set up as it should be. The only thing I can think to do is to reassign the buttons to what the game thinks it wants. 

Ah the change controls settings aren't working properly either haha. 

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