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X-Box Controller D-Pad randomly stops working mid-game!

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Randomly, the directional buttons on the X-Box controller with cease to work while in game. I purchased another X-Box controller today to see if my former was broken. It is not. Within twenty minutes of playing DST the D-Pad ceases to work. The only fix is to reset the game, again and again which is a pain.

I have gone as far as to use programs like Xpadder to force the directional buttons to work. This does nothing. Outside the game and on the 'pause/settings' buttons said buttons work. Once I go back to the game play they no longer wrong.

If someone could please explain this or find a way to fix it?

Steps to Reproduce
Just play the game, and the d-pad will cease working within a short period of time.
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User Feedback

Having same issue.


Intermittently, the d-pad inventory buttons (inspect, use on self, use in world, drop item) will cease working while in normal (walking around) mode. When pulling the right shoulder trigger to enter inventory mode, d-pad functions resume working (e.g.: able to drop items).


No combination of buttons or in-game actions I have found re-enables normal d-pad function. Exiting to title screen, re-authenticating, and rejoining the game server fixes the issue until it recurs. It is not necessary to completely restart the game process.


The cause/triggering event is unknown and not predictable. I can sometimes play for days without it happening and then have it happen twice within thirty minutes.


Xbox 360 wired controller

default controller bindings except for assigning 'open chat prompt' to left analog stick press (L3 button)

Don't Starve Together Linux version for Lubuntu (Ubuntu Linux 18.10)

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More info:

- seems to happen most often after either giving or receiving items to/from other players using the 'give' function

- also affects the shoulder bumpers (rotate camera buttons) which cease to function until the server is rejoined

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- it's been happening whenever I get close to another player, whether or not I give/receive an item. If I camp away from other people I don't encounter the issue, while if I camp together with someone it happens semi-regularly

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I thnk I figured out the cause and a solution. It happens when I inspect another player or player's skeleton.

Afterwards, inspecting another object in the world fixes the problem without the need to rejoin the server.

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This bug still seems to exist...Been getting it all day. While the temporary solution of examining stuff is useful, it should really be looked into and fixed as it can very easily go unnoticed until it's too late (nearly starved because I hadn't been paying attention and suddenly couldn't eat anything)

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