Wx78 does not receive wet damage if it is not raining

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I'm doing a video about WX78 and while I was trying to record a difference in wet mechanics between vanilla, dlcs and together I could see that I was not getting Wet's damage at Together.

I was confused and did several tests.
Then I realized that in Together the WX-78 takes damage from the Wet only if it's raining.

I know that WX78 gets damage from both Rain and Wet and even Rain being the main cause of Wet, they are sources of different damage

As I did not find any updates and no information on the wiki I thought it might be a bug. o
Is there an update or is it a bug?

I need know to make my video without wrong information and also to inform for it to be fixed if that is the case.

The link is from a video I made about this bug.
I use the Mod Fix Too Many Items, for sure it is not the source of this bug since I tested it without it being activated as I asked some friends to test without the mod installed.


Steps to Reproduce
Step 1: Playing as WX78. Step 2: Increase the level of wet (ice cube) Step 3: Do not get wet damage Step 4: Start Rain (mod Fix Too Many Items) Step 5: Getting wet in the rain without protection. Rain damage causing normal damage. Step 6: Let me dry. Damage stopped. Step 7: Increase wet levels without rain again. No damage.

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