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WX shares examination line for all fishing spoons.

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WX shares the quote intended for the Sunrise Spoon for all spoons, as it was likely copied over to be replaced by different lines that never got added.

You can replicate this glitch by.

1. Picking WX-78

2. Examining the three spoons.

Thank you for your time.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open DST.

2. Generate or Join a pre-existing world.

3. Select WX--78 as your character of choice.

4. Gather the materials to build a Science Machine, then build one.

5. Gather the materials to build a Tackle Receptacle, then build one.

6. Gather one mushroom of each type and six flint, proceed to craft a spoon of each type. (NOT THE SPINNERBAITS)

7. Examine each individually, realizing each one has an identical quote referencing them being affective in day time.

8. Realize this quote should only be applying to the Sunrise Spoon, the one with a positive attractiveness multiplier during the day.

9. Oh god.

10. Curl up into a ball.

11. It's okay.

12. It's not okay.

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User Feedback

-- [ speech_wx78.lua:3346]

This accidental copying/'placeholdering' also found the case in all scripts\languages files that handle localizations.

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