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WX Quest Bugged (Not Rewarded) and Also Quest Itself is Not Sensible

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The quest, "Cry Mercy", with the description, "WX-78's Personal Quest" "Achieve the Merciless card at the end of the match" was not rewarded after I received the merciless card as WX-78.

This is not a joke, I had to actually go into a server with new people, and beg them not to use the fire staff so I could do this quest, and after I got the merciless card on the end screen, I didn't even finish the quest. I have screenshots if that is necessary.

Beyond just the quest being bugged, it's also entirely insensible. WX-78 will Never, ever, get the merciless card if any player uses the fire staff in the game. The merciless card should, and is, always given to the character using the fire staff or sometimes webber.

Please fix and also change/remove this quest.

If you are not going to change the quest, please at the very least fix it so that it is rewarded properly.

Thank you.

In my honest opinion, the quest system is broken for multiple reasons that I won't go in to here because I doubt anyone would even care since it's already been implemented.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Have this quest as 1 of your 4 available quests. 2. Achieve the Merciless card at the end of a Forge game as WX-78.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

So, it appears that the people who posted in this bug report: 

 encountered the same issue I did with a different quest.

There is however, 1 similarity, I don't know if it is arbitrary or not, but the WX Quest is also in the same quest slot (lower right), and also it has occurred on the same day as my bug.

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Looking at the bug tracker, it seems like incompleteable quests have become a common issue now. I had the same quest and I couldn't complete it, despite having met the requirements (see screenshots). Btw, didn't have to ask anyone to let me get the card – people I was playing with were... let's just say, underperforming. :)

dontstarve_steam 2018-11-18 15-41-44-645.jpg

dontstarve_steam 2018-11-18 15-41-47-446.jpg

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