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Wrong world generation, missing parts

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I made a new world not long before the "Arts and Crafts" Beta update (I'm in the beta), but it took a while till I realised that some parts were missing. In the upper world I didn't have the Moon Stone, so I could not get the Mooncaller's Staff, and in the caves the Labyrinth (and of course the Ancient Guardian) were missing. I lived more than 200 days and fully explored both maps, but didn't found these, even not using "c_gonext".

However I found a place in the ruins, which looks like the beginning of the Labyrinth (wants to be), like as if the game choose a place for it but couldn't create it at the end. I have a picture of the map of it.


Steps to Reproduce
World settings were: Start: Plus, Long Autumn and short winter, spring, summer, the caves are "huge", with less rain and monkeys, more treeguards, cave bananas, failed surviors and touch stones and slower disease. The world was generated a few days before the "Arts and Crafts" update.
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User Feedback

The worldgeneration is not perfect. So it can happen from time to time that some things that should be there, are not placed.

After creating your world, you can take a look at the logfiles an search for :
"Warning! Could not find a spot for"
There you will see what was not successfully placed.

(logfiles for caves are the server_log.txt eg found in C:\Users\Serpens\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\Cluster_1\Caves )

I think the only thing that is 100% there, is the pigking, because if he is missing, the world will generate again.
Maybe devs should add the guardian to the "required_prefab" list too ?

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