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Workable component, no "workfinished" event fired

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I would like to add a function via mod to every "workfinished" event from the workable component. But by doing this I noticed, that this event is never called for many many things. Eg. a maxwellstatue the event is not fired when teared down.

I think this is because the "onfinished" and also the "onworked" callback functions, are called BEFORE the events are pushed in workable component.
And if these callback functions remove the inst, the event will never be fired.

Now the question is, if this is intended or not... I would put the "Pushevent" stuff before calling the callback functions. But depending on the rest of your coding, it might cause trouble ?!

I would like to have a way to succesfully Listen for this "workfinished" event.

Steps to Reproduce
destroy maxwellstatue or other things with workable cmoponent and you will notice that the workfinished event is not fired

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