Woodie's Winter Warden Boots misplaced in menu?

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This may or may not be an intended feature, but the skin for Woodie's Winter Warden Boots can only be found under the "legs" tab, rather than the "feet" tab. This breaks the consistency of the "legs" tab only containing skins with legwear combined with footwear or only legwear, as the skin itself doesn't feature any legwear. A simple fix for this would be to relocate the skin to the "feet" tab, in order to restore the previous consistency.20191213014729_1.thumb.jpg.d2f18bba83b8437881b60bacaa625919.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
View the curio for Woodie and find the Winter Warden Boots under the "legs" tab

User Feedback

It's intended to be in the leg slot, since it's the large boot and the legs/pelvis. We've updated the icon to be more explicit that it's not just the boots.

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