Woodie does not gain additional follower time.

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I first questioned whether this is truly a bug or not, as nowhere in Woodie's description does it say additional follower time (it does say is thankful for bountiful harvests though!), but I decided to test out this supposed perk myself ingame. I tested by feeding a pig a morsal as Woodie and as Wilson, then see how long it takes before the pig unfriends. It took roughly the same amount of time. Am I missing something? Or is this supposed perk not actually part of Woodie's character?

Steps to Reproduce
1. Generate a world with only day. 2. Spawn in as Woodie. 3. Debug spawn a morsal and a pig. 4. Feed pig morsal. 5. Start timer. 6. Walk around till pig unfriends (stops following you). 7. Record time when he does. 8. Despawn Self. 9. Spawn in as anyone aside from Woodie. 10. Repeat steps 3-7. 11. Compare times.

User Feedback


His perk does work for Bunnymen and Rock Lobsters, giving bonus follower time when feeding them the right item. However, for Pig Men it works but in a different way, it raises the maximum follow time cap of Pig Men, but it doesn't make the duration longer. This is probably not intended, but who knows.

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.... ....

How many different descriptions of "Celebrates Thanksgiving Too Early" are there? 

I mean in America it's Celebrates Thanksgiving Too Early.

And in Canada it's Celebrates Thanksgiving At The Right Time

And Somewhere else it's Is Thankful For Bountiful Harvests?

Plus, how does that correlate to a stat about better follower time?

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