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Winning the race spawns lucky gold nuggets in the world

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Each time my carrat wins lucky gold in the race, the same amount of lucky gold nuggets spawn at a fixed location.

It's the same spot pinecones etc spawned when planting them in festive tree planters at the time these were first introduced, also as a result of a bug.

It happens in an old world, unmodded, with caves; however, I coulnd't replicate it on a newer, caveless one.

Steps to Reproduce
Win a race, look for the lucky gold nuggets (c_gonext("lucky_goldnugget").

User Feedback

Did you pick up the Carrat into an equipped container? Having a Carrat with a prize directly go into your backpack causes nuggets to spawn at the center of the world.

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I found a huge pile of individual lucky gold nuggets near the middle of my map, as in, they weren't a stack, but all on top of each other in one spot. Like, 30-40 of them. I noticed I was only getting 2 lucky golds whenever I won a race, no matter how long it was, and I guess this explains where the rest of them were going. I assume this is the same glitch occurring. But I wasn't wearing a backpack when I picked up my carrat the majority of those times.

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