where my gorge recipes?

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I don't know when I lose my gorge recipes,but please return them .



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10 hours ago, lakhnish said:

Did you change computers? You would have had to move the client_save folder over to properly move this data.

No, and it doesn't work

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I recall there being an issue for certain people around the time when Steam did the Library update, where saves moved for some reason. Didn't happen to me personally but there were a few others with the issue.
Might be related? Could be worth looking to see if your saves are in a weird spot.

Gorge recipes are still present for me despite even jumping in and out of betas and manually moving my saves around a few times, so...unless they've been moved on your end or at some point you've done a full wipe/reinstall, I'm not sure what else it would be.

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