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Wes' Updated Roseate Skin/Expression incomplete

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There had recently been an update for Wes' roseate skin involving changing his eyes to the GoH expression. My thoughts on this change is it doesn't fit in well, the original looked more appealing. There are lots of other people not happy with the edit, as told by a poll thread hereĀ 

So anyway back to the """"bug"""". The update didn't 'fix' the 'bug' as shown below, his side profile for the rose skin remains the same as its original glory. If the roseate skin is supposed to have the eyes of the GoH Wes, then the reskinning is incomplete as the side profile still has the original eyes.

But one thing I must plea.. why go through with the reskin when there's people who have the skin are disappointed by the change, why not just change the inventory image in the first place?

I like the original sprite..,.,,.


Skin still has original eyes


Updated eyes


GoH profile eyes


Steps to Reproduce
Having the skin.
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