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Wes Roseate (The 2nd) & Winona's Cheeks

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About a week back I submitted a bug report about the Wes roseate, and it was changed, but not entirely. I don't mean to pry, but I'm still curious what the intent was here. Is the icon or the in-game model wrong?

Here is the GOH contrasted against what we currently have, the side model of the roseate is unchanged, which leads me to believe perhaps the icon was incorrect? Not the skin itself.



The leaked tencent versions from way back when kept with the kicked puppy look, but yet...


The icon itself is different 5a4edf88c064c_Screenshot(1060).png.534be28e60236b72976a6ad880763a00.png

And finally, Winona's cheeks are on her nose, it's very strange.


Thanks for your time.

Steps to Reproduce
wes roseate in-game contrasted against the guest of honour and the icon, eating food as winona shows incorrect cheek placement
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Trying to save Rose Wes huh, #BringBackOriginalRoseMime2018 The evil seed of what you done, germinates within you.

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It could also be the early leaked Tencent version was intended to use the GOH eyes but did not due to a bug. (Which could have been eventually fixed.)

I have absolutely no idea what the "correct" version is as I cannot access DST on Tencent. It would make sense that Klei chose to use the GOH eyes for Wes rose skin (as Tencent would never be able to see the eye art lacking the Formal Collection.) However after a quick check in game (on Steam) it looks like every character uses their default eyes for the Roseate skins except Willow and Wes who seem to use their GOH eyes so Klei probably didn't mind if some art assets went unseen by Tencent players. I have no idea what the correct way is but the other characters eye art using the default is worth noting.

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