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Warning Screen/Black Screen when pressing "shopping cart" button on Profile Icon or Portrait Frame pages

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While exploring my curio cabinet, I noticed that there were "shopping cart" buttons on both the Profile Icon page and the Portrait Frame page that would (assumingly) lead to some sort of shop for profile icons/portrait frames. I couldn't recall ever being able to purchase icons or portrait frames for money in any event or bundle before (except for Winona's new skin bundle) so out of curiosity, I gave it a press, which prompted me with a warning screen and on other attempts, just a black screen with nothing more.

I used no mods while encountering this error.

Since I dont remember seing this button before Winona's skin bundle was added, my guess it has something to do with it, maybe it's supposed to link to said bundle?warning.thumb.png.6e5b2c7295c2f8b01b1379cf9ba51041.png

Steps to Reproduce
1. Enter the curio cabinet, followed by either the Profile Icon or Portrait Frame page 2. Press the "shopping cart" button

User Feedback

Well, as of the latest update, the button that would cause this bug has been removed.

I guess this could be closed.

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