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Wardrobe, skins missing

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Hi, I tried to use the wardrobe but several skins are missing.

Mods I had: Geometric placement and Emoticon wheel(forgot the name)

After I closed the game and removed the mods it worked as it should.

When I later added the mods back it worked as it should. I did have some problems during this time, it made me offline but the strange thing is that it still showed some skins.


I have made a video that I will upload tomorrow since it will take a few hours to upload.

I hope what is in the client_log that I have uploaded might give some answer.

Anybody else that have had this problem?

Steps to Reproduce
1. Make a wardrobe 2. Change item skins(Head, arms etc) What you will notice is that some of the skins will dissapear from the menu when you go to "Default" and look after the skins while some skins disappear immediately and are not shown at all. 3. Go back to the game and click on the wardrobe to repeat this. Characters I have tried so far: Maxwell and Wilson. Most likely are on all characters. (Later worked perfectly)

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