Wanda gets no bonus from Thulecite Bat at older ages

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Wanda gets no bonus from the Thulecite Bat when at older ages.

I know the Thulecite bat isn't exactly pure nightmare fuel like the dark sword is, but considering it utilizes nightmare magic and spawns shadow tentacles I feel there should be some kind of buff when using the thulecite bat. Perhaps higher chance for shadow tentacles to spawn? Could be a neat addition!

Steps to Reproduce

1. Use thulecite bat as Wanda
2. Notice there is no difference between damage even if you're old and young, despite it being a weapon that heavily utilizes shadow magic

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User Feedback

Oh and shadow tentacles are unable to spawn on the ocean/boats. Unsure if that's intended or not, but it stinks not getting the bonus from the thulecite bat on the ocean. I would have loved to use it for cancelling Crab King's heal ability.

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