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(Visual) Oxford shoes have the same shape as sneakers and other visual issues

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here are the sneakers


and here the oxford shoes


only difference is that they removed the white part but it's exactly the same form

20190522082047_1.jpg.df98f7d18c424e5aa5376b1d57ef8915.jpg  vs  20190522084207_2.jpg.9de603bd52adc56e57a3442d24349e69.jpg

pls compare with spectator shoes, which are actually the closest to oxford shoes to what form is concerned


20190522084311_2.jpg.2d5d917f7b2d934daa4b1dff9e1bc3b4.jpg vs 20190522084207_2.jpg.86a9c99a0690181358b83be66a04a3bf.jpg vs 20190522082047_1.jpg.df98f7d18c424e5aa5376b1d57ef8915.jpg

Oxford shoes needs to have the same form as spectator but just in one color and the upper part of the design too.... there is a discrepancy here

20190522084207_3.jpg.42a085ec6c472bf4da3f719334313c47.jpg vs 20190522084311_3.jpg.8315fed8736800eebfd198d5f5daf069.jpg vs 20190522082051_3.jpg.369cadde45560819287474b639536afe.jpg



Unprotective Gloves and Muddy Gardening Gloves have the exact same design... Only difference is that the "unprotective" ones are shorter.... can't unprotective gloves have a unique design?




20190522085911_2.jpg.28d75e60dc1e0dac05be610b1b712d5c.jpg vs 20190522090144_2.jpg.b314347ce71f85a369b21d9f8647e476.jpg

20190522090145_3.jpg.75116a97d115d40e150e229bf83c16dd.jpg vs 20190522085911_3.jpg.f19aa535591274dcbf4d3c133e322a13.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
visual issues... check desc

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