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Video encoding bug in Steam remote play environment

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Only yellow layer is being displayed.

This bug only occurred in Steam Remote Play.

This bug seems related to video encoding method. This bug occurs when video encoded by 'game polled d3d9 nv12'

Games i found do not use 'game polled d3d9 nv12', and the games working well.

But Don't Starve (Not Don't Starve Together) use encoder 'game polled d3d9 nv12'. But it working well.

I want some information might solve this bug.








Steps to Reproduce

The game suddenly stopped in the middle of the game, and the streaming ended, so i run the game again, this bug occurred. Removing the game and reinstalling it or rebooting the computer did not solve the bug.

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User Feedback

On 3/10/2022 at 7:54 AM, Xen Aeris said:

This issue is happening across different devices, same thing is happening to me when streaming from my PC to my Nvidia shield:


Are you still having trouble with this bug? Steam client update says 'Fixed streaming from a Windows PC to a Mac'. but it seems this bug happens even you don't use mac os :(


I use mac os device as client, but still not resolved anyway.(actually not mac os; it's ios)

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I believe this is due to pet kitcoons. The whole screen reverts to normal if the pet kitcoon is on the screen, and turns back to the oversaturated mess if it is not on screen.

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