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Updating mods with the ModUploader fails on Linux

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Not a bug in DST itself, but a bug in the ModUploader (there's no appropriate bug tracker here):
Nearly every attempt to update an existing DST mod on Linux (Debian stretch/sid) fails, while the first-time uploads all succeeded so far. Running the Windows version through Wine succeeds.

The error from ~/.local/share/DontStarveModUploader/ModUploader.log:

18:08:11: zipOpenNewFileInZip(scripts/prefabs/reincarnationshot.lua) ok
18:08:11: fopen(/home/USER/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together/mods/dst_mod_reincarnation/build/scripts/prefabs/reincarnationshot.lua) ok: 0
18:08:11: zipWriteInFileInZip ok
18:08:11: Progress: Writing mod data file...
18:08:11: WriteFileToCloud() Writing [/tmp/modCV9xio] to [mod_publish_data_file.zip]
18:08:11: Steam file exists.
18:08:11: Read file failed!
18:08:11: EndProgress FAILED: Failed to write mod data file!
18:08:11: MainFrame::OnUpdateComplete FAILED: Failed to write mod data file!
18:08:18: RefreshPublishedModInfo


Steps to Reproduce
1. Run the Don't Starve Mod Tools via Steam on Linux 2. Select Don't Starve Together 3. Select an existing mod 4. Click Edit 5. Select "Update Data", make sure the path is correct (this is easier on WIndows, where the whole path is actually visible instead of only the folder name in a select box) 6. Click "Publish!"

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