UPDATE - RESOLVED - Both Private and Klei official servers buggy - caves issue and other issues

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The below issues which lasted for about an hour or 2 now all appear to be resolved, and all working again. Thank you! :)


- The descriptions for all servers (both private and the Klei official ones) stopped showing. It just says [Description Loading]

- People are crashing out of games in all servers (both private and the Klei official servers) whenever they try to go through a cave entrance. As you try and enter the cave it says " Server not available - the server you were playing on is unavailable. Please try again later."

 - I also noticed that if i stop and start one of my dedicated servers,  the restarted server doesn't show on the server list, it still shows the "old" version of the server on the list. It does not show the "new" ie the restarted version of the server on the list at all.

Your assistance with the above is much appreciated :)

Kind Regards


Steps to Reproduce
Join a server and try and enter the caves. Try this on both Klei official servers and on private servers

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