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Unable to write to config directory

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Started getting this error a couple weeks ago when trying to load the game up. I've tried all the solutions, nothing works. I've owned this game for years, I've played it for years on multiple computers including this one without any issues until now.

Steps to Reproduce
Loading the game, either through steam or through the game application.

User Feedback

Hey Klei, what's up with this? It's only been a week since I posted this issue, so it's not like I started wondering if you ever got around to reading it, yet. I did however, search for other users with this issue and at a glance it goes back to 2016. Only one of these has an admin comment on it, and it's telling the user that they must not have permissions to write to the drive, as if they wouldn't be having issues with every other game they play if that were the case. This is ridiculous. All the 'support' you seem to offer on this topic is to deflect the issue to a permissions or a firewall issue. What about when your users know what their computer works, and know that those answers you're giving are not helpful in the least. Do you know this? They are not helpful in the least. Your game simply ceased to function on my PC. I did not change any of settings before this happened. This write to config issue just started happening. One day I load the game up it works fine, the next it doesn't. It's really disheartening that you have shown a pattern of ignoring this problem.

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Apologies for the delay - the "Unable to write to config directory" message means that the Windows user account currently being used on your computer does not have the proper admin permissions to be able to access/read/write to your hard drive. Please see our troubleshooting guide for steps to resolve this: http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2409757

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