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Unable to start dedicated server after mod crash

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Among other mods, I use P0sty, which caused a crash shortly after entering the new waterlogged biome and engaging a water strider. That isn't a problem.

The alarming bit is that after this crash, I'm unable to start the game, even without the mod - the master shard will complete initialisation, logging "Reset() returning", and then immediately crash with only the OS crashlog, and no lua stacktrace.

dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_2021-08-26-224012_roberta.crash dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_2021-08-26-223331_roberta.crash dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_2021-08-26-222929_roberta.crash server_log_2021-08-26-22-37-30.txt Cluster_DSTU_1-crash.tgz

Steps to Reproduce

Launch the attached cluster, with or without mods.

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User Feedback

i have this problem i cant host with cave i speak with klei use this code i can create cave world but i cant play smooth my properities is very good for this game but i have this problem and klei cant fix this probem i speak with klei 8 9 times he now stop talking with me !!!


-persistent_storage_root c:\DontStarveTogether




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To anyone looking for s a solution - delete the latest/affected Master shard world snapshot - this would be within the directory <Cluster-name>/Master/save/session/<some-id>/ - find the latest pair of files <snapshot-number> and <snapshot-number.meta>, and delete them.

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