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Unable to click menu items in Don't Starve when game is started

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I am totally unable to play Don't Starve. When I load the game, I can't select menu items. The only available commands are "q", which selects the next item down the list, and "r", which selects the previous item. However, I have no known way to actually select a menu item, such as "Play", "Mods", "Exit", etc.

This issue only occurs in singleplayer mode, DS:T has no issues. When I tried to post a bug report on the Shipwrecked portion of the forums, I was not allowed.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide to help solve this problem... I really wanted to try out the new DLC!



Steps to Reproduce
Opening Don't Starve causes the problem.

User Feedback

I should note that I already verified the game cache integrity, updated my drivers, and performed a clean install of the game and all DLC. Drivers are also updated.

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Should you ever run into any issues/bugs while playing Don't Starve and would like to report them, we have a Don't Starve Bug Tracker: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/17-dont-starve-bug-tracker/

Checking both log and dxdiag files, it looks like you have a number of unique USB devices plugged (other than mouse/keyboard) that is most likely causing the control issue. Please unplug the USB devices and gamepads you have (except for your mouse and keyboard) to resolve this. 

If that does not help, and you have or have had any controller emulation software (like VJoy, X360ce) installed to your system, please uninstall these may cause issues with the game's controls.

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