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Unable to Claim Stream Rewards on Xbox

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Despite linking my Twitch to my Microsoft (Xbox) Klei Account before watching a stream with drops enabled, I was not able to claim the reward on Xbox. The first reward (the icon) was claimable on my PC version through Steam, though, from when I linked my Steam and Twitch years ago.

Thinking having two accounts linked may be the issue (I want the rewards on Xbox, not Steam, since that's the platform I play on most often these days), I unlinked everything and then relinked my Microsoft Klei to my Twitch. The second reward tier rolled around... and while it says I claimed it and a game account is connected, I did not get the reward on either account.

All that's left now is the actual skin (although I haven't watched enough yet to unlock it). I want to ensure this error is fixed before reaching that point and attempting to claim the skin. ((If this is somehow a human error, and not a bug, I'd appreciate help in correcting my mistake!))

Steps to Reproduce

1) Link Klei Account to Twitch
2) Watch a DST stream on Twitch with drops enabled
3) Access Drops in your Twitch Inventory to Claim Reward

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I have the same issue, everything is linked and connected but i am not getting the skin drops on my Klei Xbox account even though i watched streams for a few hours.

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You need to claim each stage of the drops on your Twitch account. Do this by clicking on your name on the top right, then select "drops"

The first one can be claimed after 30 mins. The second one after 1.5 hours, next one after 4 hours.

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