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Tumbleweed sketches don't unlock

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The Rook, Knight, and Bishop sketches unlock their tumbleweed loot counterpart when their statues are mined but Queen, King, and Pawn don't. The tumbleweed prefab file hints that all of them should be unlockable because it checks all of them against the chessunlocks component (line 68 & 200 in tumbleweed).

The Rook, Knight, and Bishop sculptures are in the sculptures prefab file and push TheWorld:PushEvent("ms_unlockchesspiece", name) when they reanimate.

The Queen, King, and Pawn are in sculptures_marble prefab file and never push ms_unlockchesspiece.

Related but separate issue I'm too lazy to make a second bug report about: None of the King statue setpieces seem to be required so there's a chance that worlds just won't spawn with any Kingly sculptures, and those worlds will never get be able to get Kingly sketches.


Steps to Reproduce:

For an example of the issue we'll check with the Rook and Pawn.

Command to check if the Rook is unlocked: try c_announce(tostring(TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked("trinket_28")))

Command to check if the Pawn is unlocked: c_announce(tostring(TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked("chesspiece_pawn_sketch")))

  1. Generate a new world (so none of the chess things are unlocked)
  2. Check both commands and see they return true; both are locked
  3. Mine the Pawn statue
  4. Check that the Pawn command still returns true; it's locked
  5. Repair and reanimate the Rook statue
  6. Check that the Rook command returns nil; it's unlocked

Since the tumbleweed checks not TheWorld.components.chessunlocks:IsLocked(name) before adding the related loot, this shows that tumbleweeds won't drop Pawn sketches, but will drop Rook trinkets, even though both statues have been mined.

Steps to Reproduce
Formatting the steps to reproduce is annoying since it all merges into one line. See issue description.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
1 hour ago, jantonio said:


I searched tumbleweed and sketch before posting the bug report but couldn't find anything :/

Yeah, this is a dupe. Our takes on the issue are different but it's the same bug.

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My world did not include a Maxwell statue. I'd like to be able to access the sketch anyway by some other means, even if that just means making it available in tumbleweed loot despite not being able to mine the statue first. I hope that is taken into account when this bug is fixed. TY!

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